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Social media is one of the best platforms where you could sell your product. According to a survey, 70% of the world’s population searches for products from social media websites, and 44% purchase the product from Social media. Social media networks primarily include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Tiktok. However, these social media platforms don’t allow cannabis businesses social networking to advertise.

The business pages of Cannabis or Cannabis businesses are shut down automatically without any kind of notice. There are a few platforms that allow Cannabis business social networking. Cannabis or weed is banned in most of the countries in the world. However, some of the countries have made it legal. The countries in which weed is legal it is a very profitable business.

Cannabis Business Social Networking


Cannabis is also known as marijuana. It is a psychoactive drug derived from the Cannabis plant. In addition to this, it is widely used in medical and other recreational purposes. Social media platforms allow like-minded people to connect. There are a few websites that will enable to connect the people in Cannabis business social networking,


In addition to this, they also join like-minded people so that they can talk to each other and share their personal experience. In the following section, we will discuss how you can promote your cannabis business through social media marketing. We will also discuss some of the social media platforms that are specially made for the people in this business.



Social Media Advertising

Before we go any further deep in social media, let us start with advertisements. Advertisement is a method to promote the business. In the ad, we market our company or product. This will boost the sale and will eventually increase the profit. Well, this contemporary world is digital. Every person is available on the internet, and it is one of the best sources of advertisements. In social media advertisements,

The pages are made on social media platforms. After that, you will start promoting your business on those platforms, which will increase the number of customers. The social media advertisement is quite cheap as compared to a casual ad. You might not need to do any kind of physical effort for publication on Social media platforms.

Social Media Marketing - Cannabis Business Social Networking

How to advertise on Cannabis business social networking

As we have mentioned earlier, that social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Tiktok doesn’t allow promoting the Cannabis business. You need to adopt other methods through which you can advertise your business. You must attain the following steps to boost your Cannabis business on social networks. With this, your overall profit and sales will also be increased.


Blogging is a critical thing. You might need to spend some extra amount of money on blogging. This task can be completed by the bloggers and let them create quality content for you. Once your content is created and uploaded on your website, you can now share it on different social media websites. These blogs can also be shared on the aforementioned social media platforms.

Blogging - Cannabis Business Social Networking


Some of the people prefer audio advertisements over reading or video advertisement. You can simply record your audio on the cannabis business and post it on your website and social media websites.

Podcasting - Cannabis Business Social Networking


Video is also another way for the advertisement for the business. It is a little expensive as compared to blogging and podcasting. The video is developed on your company or product, and it is then shared over the social media networks. You can also share those videos on your personal Facebook and Instagram ID. However, it would be better to post this content on a specific Cannabis business social network that we will discuss in the later section. Your video content may contain

  • Covert blog post into a video
  • Interview the influencer
  • Create educational videos
  • Develop how-to videos
  • Announce new product


Create and Run the forum

You can also create and run the forum where people can contact each other and share their experience regarding growing Cannabis and weed. Forum is a rather old method of advertisement; however, it is quite useful.


Can you use a casual social media network for advertising Cannabis business?

Unfortunately, there is a specific restriction on regular social media websites regarding drugs and cannabis advertisements. If you want to advertise on your social media website, there are a few tricks and methods that we will tell you. In addition to this, some of the best cannabis business social network websites you can use to advertise your business. If still, you want to advertise on regular social media websites, here is how your content should be


First of all, your content should be educational. There are certain restrictions on social media websites on advertising marijuana or other drugs. However, content that gives any kind of information on drugs is not restricted to these social media websites. You can define how Cannabis is grown or what the uses of marijuana are. In this way, you can covertly advertise your business.


Shareable content

The second way to advertise your cannabis business is to make content in such a way that they are shareable with others. Try to make such content that can go viral on the internet. The more your content is viral, and the more your business will be advertised.


Create a community

Another way to advertise your business on regular social media websites is to create a community. You can create groups and community on social media websites, where people can interact with one another. They can learn more experience and information about Cannabis from the city.


Contact Cannabis influencer

You can also contact any social media influencer who has influenced a lot of people. These influencers can increase your customer’s input. In addition to this, they can also advertise your business effectively.


Top Cannabis business social networking platforms

Here are some of the top cannabis social network platforms from where you can contact like-minded people.

Grasscity Forum

Grasscity forum is one of the oldest forums, developed explicitly for the people in the Cannabis business. They can talk to one another and can explore smoking, consumption, and legalization of weed. It also has a directory from where you can search the weed nearby you. The good news is that grasscity will tell you some of the legal places from where you can find weed.

Graccisity Forum - Cannabis Business Social Networking

Weedlife Network

Like the Grasscity Forum, Weedlife Network is also a social media website designed explicitly for weed lovers. It has been operating since 2013. Weedlife has news feeds from where you could get all news and information regarding the legality, usage, and weed-related business. It is one of the best places where you can advertise your cannabis business on the social network. You can add your business in the legal weed directory and can post the latest promotions as well.

The main idea behind developing a weedlife network was to connect the customers with the business. However, currently, several business people are selling their products on weedlife.

Weedlife network


This is a mobile application that helps the users to interact with one another, and they can also purchase and sell their products with the help of this application. This application also shows the latest news for the weed-lovers regarding promotions and legalities.

Weedable - Cannabis Business Social Networking


Just like Weedable, MassrRoots is also a mobile application for cannabis lovers. Initially, Apple banned this application on their store, but now it is available on both IOS and Android phones. This application is operational in only those areas where weed is legal. Even after the restrictions, this application has over 1 million users. When you signup in this application, you can promote your cannabis business on the social network. You will also get customer analytics, where you could run business intelligence on your cannabis business.

MassRoots also provides a forum to the users where they can interact with one another. In addition to this, they can also share their experience regarding the usage of weed. MassRoots takes care of the privacy of its users.



Duby is one of the oldest platforms for weed lovers. It was developed when weed was overall illegal in most of the places. It is one of the safest places for weed lovers. They can interact with one another without getting in trouble. You can also broadcast stories and videos in Duby.



One of the main functions of Leafwire is to connect Cannabis-related businesses. It works precisely like Linkedin, where it joins the professionals and the customers. With the increase in the legalization, there is potential growth in Cannabis-related business. Leafwire brings the professionals together and connects them. They can collaborate and enhance their businesses online.

Leaf Wire


The main focus behind JointBudz is on medical marijuana. It helps to tell the customers various ways of how Cannabis can be used. JointBudz also has content related to lifestyle.


BudHubz is like an old fashioned Foursquare. The user connects with budz, and they also recommend the shop, products, and doctors.

MJ Mary Jane

MJ is like a Pinterest for the Cannabis business. There are several videos, photos, and information regarding weed, smokers, and Cannabis business. This fantastic social media platform is available on both iOS and Android.

Weed Circles

Weed circles are just like Google+. There are certain features available on Weed Circles for the customers regarding weed entrepreneurs, vendors, growers, and dispensary owners. It also helps to promote the Cannabis business.

Weed Maps

This fantastic social media network helps cannabis consumers to find local dispensaries and stores. In addition to this, there are specific promotions available on Weed maps for weed lovers. You can also read reviews about specific products on this fantastic website.


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