How Do I Remove Yahoo From Google Chrome Easy And Short Way

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Yahoo and Google are among the popular search engines. Generally, Google is considered a more efficient and straightforward internet search engine. It can grab all the things this is required by the user. In the early years of the internet, Yahoo was used widely by every person. In addition to this, you might also be familiar with Yahoo messenger, which people use to chat with one another. Google has launched several other services than search engines. One of the primary services that Google offers us is Google Chrome, which is a browser. Sometimes yahoo keeps on opening from Google chrome. So you might be thinking how do I remove yahoo from Google chrome. Well, don’t worry. In the following section, we will tell you all the steps through which you can remove yahoo from Google Chrome.

How do I remove yahoo from Google chrome

Before going into any further details, let us talk about Google and yahoo first.


Google is a US-based multinational technology company. It provided internet-based services to users, including online cloud-based technology, search engines, online advertising, software, and hardware, and It was a final project by Larry Page and Sergey Brin in January 1996. Currently, Google is one of the most visited websites. Google offers many other services; we will discuss them as well in the following section.



Services and products by Google

The following are some of the products and services that are offered by Google.

Search Engine

It is one of the primary and essential services by Google. There are billions of users on the internet that uses Google search engine. In addition to this, Google is one of the best available search engines on the internet. Google uses the PageRank algorithm to sort the searches.

Services and products by Google



Another excellent service that Google offers is Advertising. Google earn mostly from advertisements. They offer sales on the app, in-app purchases, Content marketing, pay per click, and cloud offerings. Google also provides customer earning capability through Adsense.




Web-based services

They also offer customers a lot of web-based services. These services include Google Calendar, Google Maps, Google Storage service, and google docs.


One of the significant software which google provides to its customers is Android IOS. This operating system is widely used in smartphones. It also offers Google Chrome OS and Chrome web browsers.


Google has also developed hardware. One of the famous device by google is Google Pixel. In addition to this, Google also developed a Chrome Book.


Yahoo is one of the oldest web service providers which is owned by Verizon Media. It provides a lot of services to the users, including Yahoo mail, Yahoo Directory, search engine, Yahoo group, advertising, Yahoo Finance, and Yahoo Answers. A few years back, yahoo was one of the most visited websites. Currently, Yahoo is still among the top 10 most visited sites. We will talk about the products and services of Yahoo as well.



Products & Services

The following are some of the products and services that are offered by Yahoo.


Yahoo also provides communication services to its customer. The name of the communication services is Yahoo mail and yahoo messenger. It was widely used by the people a few years back. However, currently, the trend is changed.


Yahoo also provides different content to its users. It includes Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Finance, Yahoo Music, and many more.

Mobile Services

Yahoo also offers mobile services to its users, which includes IM, mobile blogging, and email. These services are widely used in the world.


Yahoo also offers shopping features to its users, which are called Yahoo Shopping. Furthermore, Yahoo auto, Yahoo Estate, and yahoo travel also help users find information about certain things.


Yahoo also offers advertising services to customers. It also generates good revenue from advertisements.

Yahoo Vs Google

Yahoo and Google are the two top search engines on the web. You might be thinking about which one is the best. Some people prefer yahoo, whereas some want more straightforward Google. Both of these search engines have their features and options. Under this heading, we will compare Yahoo and Google in terms of looks and functions.


Yahoo Vs Google


Searching capacity

Both Yahoo and Google are the world’s best search engines. We can’t have an idea that which one is better. Generally, we can say that both search engines have their best algorithm for searching. We wouldn’t know that Google’s algorithm is better than Yahoo’s. However, in terms of search engine optimization, Google provides much better features than Yahoo.


In terms of look, Google offers a much simpler and user-friendly interface to the user. The website can quickly load without any delay. Whereas, the site of Yahoo is a little heavier as compared to google. Google was a project of a Ph.D. The owner didn’t know much HTML and CSS. Therefore, initially, they have designed a simpler page. Over time, it was accepted as a simpler design by everyone.


Suppose we compare the traffic on Google and Yahoo. Google is used mostly by the current generation. At the same time, Yahoo is used by older adults who are over 45 years old. The traffic on Google is generally more as compared to Yahoo.

What is Google Chrome?

Well, Google Chrome is one of the famous software developed by Google. MAC users are familiar with Safari, and Windows users are well familiar with Internet Explorer. Both of these Softwares are web browsers, in which you can open websites. Similarly, Google Chrome is also a web browser like Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, and UC Browsers. There are several benefits of using the Chrome browser, and we will tell you guys each of them in the following section.

What is Google Chrome


Features of Google Chrome

Here are some of the features of Google Chrome

Easy to use

One of the best features of Google chrome is that it is quite easy to use. It will not take your time to learn the usage. You just need to install it on your computer, and Google Chrome will be launched automatically.

Efficient to use

Another great feature of Google chrome is that it is quite efficient to use. It will take minimum time to load the websites.

Consumes less memory

Generally, Google chrome is quite light in weight. It doesn’t consume much space in the RAM. However, if you open several different tabs on the chrome, it will start consuming much of your area and keep running on the background. Therefore, you must close the extra and unused tabs from Google Chrome.

Other Features 

Other features of Google Chrome includes

  • Extensions: Which is a small piece of software that is installed on the Google Chrome
  • Passwords: You can safely secure the passwords in Google Chrome.
  • Auto fill: It also has the feature of Auto fill. Tabs like usernames and previously filled tabs can auto-filled.
  • Mobile Chrome: Chrome is also available for the mobile in android and ios

How to Download and install Google Chrome 

It is really simple to download and install Google Chrome on your operating system. You simply need to follow the following steps for the installation of Google Chrome on your computer.

  1. Click here or simply visit
  2. When the website is opened, click on “Download Chrome”. A file will start to download
  3. Open the downloaded file and click on accept
  4. The file will start to download Google chrome.
  5. Once Google Chrome is downloaded and installed. It will open automatically
  6. Now you can enjoy the excellent internet experience with Google Chrome

How do I remove yahoo from Google chrome

Well, sometimes, your default search engine is changed from Google to Yahoo. In this way, you keep on wondering how do I remove yahoo from Google chrome. Well, don’t worry, we will be helping you out. Google Chrome offers a method in which you can change your default search engine. Well, here is how you can remove yahoo from Google chrome.

There are two main reasons in which your search will be redirected to Yahoo. One of the reasons is that your default search engine is set on Yahoo. The second reason for the redirection is malware. There are a few malware on the internet that changes the default search engine to yahoo. In this way, whenever you search for anything, you will be redirected to Yahoo.

You need to follow the following steps to remove the yahoo search malware from Google Chrome.

  1. Open Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Tab simultaneously. After that, go to the process tab.
  2. Open folder that you think had a virus and deleted them. Click on that file and then click on end the process option. After that open, the file location and delete that file as well.
  3. Open program and features from the control panel and search any application that is unknown to you.
  4. Now open system configuration and find anything that you feel is suspicious uncheck it.

Even after following the steps as mentioned earlier, you still redirect to Yahoo. Now do the following.

  1. Go to Customize and Control Google Chrome in Google Chrome
  2. Click on more tools and then on the extension.
  3. Uninstall unnecessary extensions.
  4. Set your preferred search engines like Google.

Even if still the problem persists, you can do the following. 

  1. Uninstall Google Chrome from programs and features
  2. Reinstall from the method mentioned above.


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