How To Cite A Book in APA In The Following Information

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Most of us are aware of adding references at the end of the articles. Some also term it as Citation. It is the way to tell the readers that from where this specific material or work came. The Citation has great importance in the research work. The plagiarism can also be negated with the help of citations. There are several methods for the Citation in the research work. However, we will tell you guys how to cite a book in APA, in the following section.


how to cite a book in APA


Any kind of research work is never accepted without Citation. If you are a graduate student or a research worker, the process of Citation will help you a lot. It will add further strength to your research. Furthermore, your work will also have its worth with the Citation. You can cite from different sources which may include websites, research works, books, journals, and articles.

What is Citation?

Citation is a process of adding references to the articles or research work in such a way that it will not depict a copy of a task. As a graduate student or a research worker, the Citation is one of the most important things. You can simply cite the article and include it in your research work. You might be thinking that Citation will decrease the worth of your work. However, it is not like that. With citations, the quality of your work will increase. It will add further strength to your research work. In addition to this, if you are continuing someone else’s research, the Citation is the most important thing for you.

Reason for the Citation

There are several reasons for the Citation of research work. First of all, it makes your work more credible and authentic. In addition to this, it will also tell the readers that from where you have found this work. One of the main reasons for the Citation is that, if you have copied someone else’s work, it will not be considered as a copy. The plagiarism in your work will never be found. It also depicts the amount of research and struggles that you have done in your research work.

how to cite a book in APA

The Citation also further supports your idea and gives it strength, rather than making your work less original. Each and every research work has a section of literature review, in which similar researches are added. It is compulsory to cite those resources at the end of your research papers. If you don’t mention it, there will be more amount of plagiarism in your work.

Content for the Citation

You can cite different content in your research work or article. However, the cited work should be authenticated and real. The following are some of the material that you can mention in your work.

  • Book
  • Journal
  • Author
  • Website
  • Play
  • Poem
  • Interview
  • Video
  • Song

Styles of Citation

There are different styles for citations. Some of these styles are for education and research purposes, whereas some are for humanities and businesses. The following are the styles of Citations.

  • APA (American Psychological Association)
  • MLA (Modern Language Association)
  • Chicago/Turabian style


how to cite a book


What is APA STYLE?

The full form of APA is the American Psychological Association. This style of Citation is primarily used in educational, psychological, and Science research. It is one of the most widely used citation styles in the world. In addition to this, all educational institutes prefer APA style citations. You can write the citations with the help of software. Some of the software offers its users to generate citations in all styles automatically. However, it is also compulsory for you to know how to write APA style citations. Citations might be in-text and or they may be present at the end.

In-text citations are available to write next to the paragraph or the sentence within the brackets. The name of the Author and the publishing year is present within the brackets. You can also generate APA style citation with the help of Microsoft Word.

Format of APA Style Citation

The basic format for the Citation of APA style is Author’s Surname, Initial(s). (Date Published). Title of Source. Location of Publisher. Publisher. Retrieved from URL. We will discuss each of them now. Author’s Surname is usually the name of the Author whose article is going to be cited. The Initial(s) refers to the initials of the name of authors. In the (Date Published), you should enter the date when the article was published.

Furthermore, ‘Title of Source’ refers to the title of the article. The ‘Location of Publisher’ tells us where the publisher is present, and it also tells the location of the research. Similarly, in ‘Publisher’ section, you need to write the name of the publisher. ‘Retrieved from URL’, if you have taken the source from the internet, you need to mention here the URL. In case if the URL is unavailable, you can skip this part.

What is MLA Style Citation

Our main topic is APA style citation. However, we will discuss another style as well but not in detail. MLA is often called the Modern Language Association. Most of the linguistic and arts-related work use MLA style citation. The format of this Citation is Author(s) Name. “Title Of Source”. Title of Container, Other Contributors, Version, Number, Publisher, Publication Date, Location.

What is Chicago/Turabian style Citation

This is also a citation style. Chicago and Turabian are also the same in manner, therefore, it is often termed as single. In addition to this, the Chicago/Turabian style citation is specifically for Business, History, and Fine arts. The format of Chicago/Turabian style citation is Author, Journal Title, Volume No, Issue No, Pages, URL. 

Types of APA style Citations

There are generally two types of APA style citations, one of them is in-text Citation, whereas, other is present at the end of the article under the heading of references. The format that we have discussed earlier is usually for the reference section. Whereas, in the in-text Citation, you can simply add the last name of Author and the year of publishing under the brackets, i.e. (Author’s Last Name, Year). Similarly, we have discussed previously.

When to use Apa style citation

APA citation is mostly used in educational and scientific research projects. For students, APA citation has immense importance. In their final year projects, they have to write and cite the references at the end of their research project. You might have to use paragraphs, lines, definitions, and figures from other projects. So to avoid any kind of plagiarism, you have to add specific references at the end. These references are usually in APA style. In addition to this, we have also discussed the format of the APA style.

How to Cite a book in APA

Well, let us get back to our main topic, which is how to cite a book in APA. We have extensively discussed the APA style citation in the previous heading. Under this heading, we will tell you guys how to cite a book in APA. In addition to this, we will also give you guys some examples. Furthermore, we will also discuss the process of citing an e-book.

We have discussed the format of citing the reference in APA style under previous headings. To cite a book, you need the following things.

  • The Author’s name
  • Year of the publication
  • Name of Publisher
  • Place of publisher
  • Place of publisher
  • Pages number if needed
  • URL if available


cite a book in APA


Well, let us start with the book name “The ambassador” which is written by Henery James in 2009. The name of the publisher is Ferenity Publishers that is located in Maryland. Remember you haven’t got this book online, so there is no URL. The reference will be “James, Henry. (2009). The ambassadors. Rockville, MD: Serenity Publishers”.


cite a book


Similarly, if you are citing an e-book, there will be little difference. You might need to add the URL as well. The format for the e-book will be “Author, F.M. (Year of Publication). Title of work [E-reader Version]. Retrieved from [URL]”. Let us take an example of a book name “Dracula” which is written by Stroker Bram. The year of the publication is 2000, and the version of E-book is KinderHDX. The Citation of this e-book will be “Stoker, B. (2000). Dracula [Kindle HDX version]. Retrieved from”nofollow”.”


We can finally assert that the Citation has great importance as a research worker and the student. With the help of this Citation, you can increase the strength of your project or thesis. There are although different styles of citations, it entirely depends on the field that you are researching. In case of humanities, you might use MLA style citation,

however, if you are doing a science project you should prefer APA style citation which is generally accepted by most of the publishers and research institutes. In the article mentioned above, we have also given you guys a couple of example for the Citation. Furthermore, we also told you guys how to cite a book in APA. You just need to learn this technique once in your life, and it will be helpful for you throughout your career and life.


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