Human instinctive love for life and to live it

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Humans instinctive love for life and to live it:
I am a space without existence
You are a universe filled with life
You are like a sun to all the stars
A moon to the planet of life
I said to the traveling time to halt
Let me live forever in infinite moments
Time replied travel through me
Might you get the key to infinity
But remember I am a tyrant
Giving every exaltation a declination
Providing no such justification
There is no calculation
Even if there is a classification
You can’t seize me even though
You are at the peak of beatitude
Your sun and moon obey me
And are slaves of my Lord
I said to the mother nature
Let me stay alive till the infinite heavens
Nature replied absorb in me
Accept my calamities and blessings both
But remember I’m not heaven
Instead unreliable but still likewise
I’m just a minor on the planet of life
So there is no such heaven before
I get devastated, taking you besides me
I asked the Creator where I can find
The love of my life my ownself
Urging me to live an infinite life
My heart replied follow me
I am the reason of your love
Where the Creator resides
Here the secret hides
Revealing a connection
With no else in between
A source of your petition
The Lord of you
Possesses infinities
Persisting two types
As heavens and hells
Both are extremities
Entirely opposite
Unmatched in powers
Moving parallel
Never perpendicular
As told by the Lord
In the verbal messages
Sent down from the skies
The heart further replied
Enlighten me with the remembrance
Of the Creator of your heart
No doubt you’ll rest in peace
In the infinite timed heavens
There you can win over
The time and nature
Where time is no tyrant
And nature is a heaven
Where they have to be tender
And you don’t have to surrender
At last I kneeled down
And smiled
To the Lord of my heart
To whom I belong
And bowed down to Him
Cause only He can bestow
This livingbeing a life
Pumping heart a peace
And only He can fulfill
My affinity for infinity

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