Love Story

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Hey! Beloved of this beauty
Let’s get things straight
Worthless l am without the love of yours
And prettiest you are in the eyes of mine
There is an inert need of you in the trail of love
And no regrets if there is no kiosk
Because a life without you is more than a chaos
As it is said beauty is worthless without beloved
So here is a path worthless without a wanderer
Like an empty sheet of paper prepared to be written
And destined to be in your name
A name when I utter sounds good too to the hearer of that name
How I say how can you ever disdain that melodious sound
Uttering from the lips of your beloved
Yes there is love and there was
Always in your heart wanting to unveil
Don’t know why still behind the veils
Wishing to be disclosed by revealing the mysterious love
Dying to be stated in your words
Were mine ends and a love story begins

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