Man and God Wish Synchronization

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Oh Allah what l wish make it Your will
Or what You may will make it my wish
May the wish and will synchronise
Where this heart might get calm
Hush to the wildness of the desires
Beware to the horrors of hell
And be aware to the delights of heaven
Suspended like a pendulum
Is my soul in between this world
Stretching a plumb line
Between the rights and wrongs
I’m wandering like a mewl
Knowing everything yet a fool
Too much to explore
But too less is exposed
This universe is visible
But still appears invisible
The truth is in front us
But why seems hidden
Everything is before us
To conquer to unleash
At last I noticed
No boundaries are there
And yet not a way out
Questioning my existence
In search of the answers
Following the clues
Reading the instructions
Till the day of destruction
I’m still far behind
In the fields of knowledge
I’m a professional of my field
And this field is subdivided
Further into branches
I only know what You let
Otherwise, I’m innocent
But please Almighty give me a life
Appropriate and sufficient enough
That l may achieve the purpose
Of my existence, of my arrival

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