Read Time: < 1 minute Loved you for years But hated you in a while Grown-up with you But left you for life How strong was our bond But could …

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Read Time: < 1 minute You pinched my heart with a rusted pin You broke through my soul like a broken window You smashed my esteem under a shape edge …

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Read Time: < 1 minute The hidden truths The forbidden routes Hidden before me When l come to know To know the forbidden Then l knew No matter how wiser, …

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Dear Hubby

dear hubby

Read Time: < 1 minute Hey handsome where were you Till all the previous years of my youth My life was so dull and boring Without the companionship of you …

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Read Time: < 1 minute Gathering infinite broken mirrors Resulting in distorted images The rapid shifting of moods Abrupt excites of joys And sudden holded grudges Moments of uncontrollable emotions …

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