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The Windows stop code memory management is a BSOD error. The BSOD error denotes the “Blue Screen of Death” error. The BSOD error refers to the error regarding system hardware, timing, temperature, corrupt registries, resources, or viruses. Before we learn more about the Windows stop code memory management BSOD error, let’s discuss some Windows memory management.

Windows Memory Management

Windows memory management refers to an essential function of Windows of a computer. It deals with the management of the system memory of your computer. A proper functioning memory management is necessary to maintain a healthy system of your computer.

The memory management deals with all the memory locations on the system of your computer. It also deals with the management of memory and different processes regarding memory transition between the RAM and the physical memory. It also decides how much of the memory is to assign and how much is available to assign. Once you close a program after using it, it reassigns that memory. For allocation or sometimes it marks that memory as the further availability of storage.

Unluckily, the memory system, like the rest of your system, is not free of system errors. And when it has some element, it would influence and takes the whole system of your computer with it.

Stop code memory management error and its causes

Windows stop code memory management BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) error denotes that there is a critical error in the memory management of your computer. Some common causes of this error are as follows.

  • There may be some issues with the RAM.
  • Any fault in the drivers of your computer
  • some issues with the hardware of your computer, for example, graphics card, etc.
  • software issues of your computer
  • There may be an error in the disks of your computer

How to fix the Windows memory management error?

If you are facing the stop code memory management BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) error in your computer, then you should first try to deal with it by restarting your computer. If your computer is still showing the error, then you can apply the following techniques to fix it.

Update the Windows

Check the Windows if it has an updated version. Most of the time, the computer shows the stop code memory management error due to outdated versions of Windows. Do check the pending updates, and you can easily and quickly come to know if it is causing the error on your computer. You can follow the following simple steps to update your windows.

  • open the settings panel on your computer.
  • Press the keys “Windows + I.”
  • You will see an option of “Update & Security.” Click on it.
  • Thereby you would find an open menu of Windows update.
  • Click on install updates button
  • when the installation completes, restart your computer

Update windows

Run built-in tool or the Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool:


You can run the Windows memory diagnostic tool. This Windows memory diagnostic tool is also called the built-in tool. It also runs after rebooting the system. You can run the Windows memory diagnostic tool or the built-in tool to check if there is some issue with the RAM of your computer system.

  • Type “memory diagnostic” in search bar to open the Windows memory diagnostic tool to run it.

built-in tool or the windows memory diagnosting tool


You will find two options when you will press the enter button after typing “memory diagnostic.”

diagnostic tool - stop code memory management

  1. If you want to verify the problems immediately, then restart your computer.
  2. Option 2 will verify the issues next time when you will again start your computer.

Select the first option of immediately restarting your computer system. Before you go for the option of restarting your computer, make sure to save all the relevant data of yours. Otherwise, you can experience the data loss during this process. Keep in mind that the Windows memory diagnostic tool or the built-in tool can only run after you reboot your computer system.

The log file does not appear after your computer system boots back into Windows.

  • Press the keys “Windows + X.”
  • Select an option you would get from the power menu “Event Viewer.”
  • In the event viewer, you would have to select “Event Viewer” (local), then “Windows Logs” and then “System.”
  • Type “Memory Diagnostic” in the “Find” menu.
  • Now you would get the diagnostic results of your computer system at the bottom of Windows.

Thereby you can investigate or analyze any specific errors.

Run MemTest86

You can use MemTest86 for an in-depth analysis of RAM (Random Access Memory) of your computer.

The MemTest86 refers to a free memory analyzing tool to test the RAM (Random Access Memory) of x86 machines. Boot the MemTest86 via USB (Universal Serial Bus) Flash Drive and let it test the RAM. This process takes a long time in its completion.

try to run mem test 86 once

Update the drivers of your computer or buy the new ones:

The outdated and incorrect drivers are another major cause of memory management error. In this scenario, you need to check the drivers of your computer if they are outdated or incorrect. In case you find the drivers inaccurate or outdated, then you must update the drivers.

update drivers - windows stop code memory management

You can follow the following steps to update your drivers.

  • Open the device manager on your computer.
  • To open the device manager, click on the start button and type “device manager”.
  • Once you find the device manager, click on it
  • It will contain a list of devices that are connected to your computer.
  • If you are sure about the particular device drivers that are creating issues, you have an option to update those drivers only.
  • In case you are not sure about the specific device drivers, you can update all of them.
  • To update the drivers, right-click on them one by one. You will get an option of “Update driver” through a drop-down menu.
  • However, you require an internet connection to update the drivers of the devices of your computer.

Some more techniques to fix the Stop Code Memory Management Error

  • The GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) drivers
  • You can run the command “CHKDSK.
  • You can run SFC (System File Checker).
  • Must check the physical hardware of your computer.
  • Reset the Windows of your computer.

If you do not get succeeded in doing so, you can go for the expert’s opinion as well.

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